9 Nov 2009

Best Antivirus Software ~ All-Internet-Security.com review and choice

wirawanlaksono.blogspot.com ~ All-Internet-Security.com has been review and make choice who the best antivirus software at year 2009.

Herewith short review what I've got form site All-internet-security.

1. Shield Deluxe - Antivirus Protection (review date: 11.06.2009)


The best part of using Security Shield 2009 is the fact that is powered by BitDefender. This antivirus company protects tens of millions of home and corporate users across the globe. The Shield Deluxe 2009 will protect your PC and personal data from theft, making it worth considering.

Advance features:
  • Total virus and spyware protection
  • Free technical support
  • Intelligent scanning
  • Real time threat detection
  • Hourly updates, Vista compatible
  • Decides best security actions to take
  • Stealth web browsing
  • Excellent extended parental controls
  • Uses minimal system resources
Best of all, no additional or hidden charges for the technical support services assistance while most of antivirus companies charge an additional amount to correct virus or spyware damage either per minute or per incident.

2. Trend Micro Antivirus Internet Security 2010 (review date: 28.08.2009)


Trend Micro AntiVirus plus AntiSpyware 2010 provides comprehensive and easy to use protection from viruses, intruders, and other Internet-based threats. Inexpensive product received excellent scores in our performance tests.

Advance features:
  • Effective Antivirus Protection
  • Customizable security for your home PCs
  • Prevents virus-infected emails
  • Home Protection for up to 3 PCs
  • Spyware and Adware Protection
  • Automatic Virus Pattern Updates
  • Enhanced Software History Cleaner
  • Effective Antivirus Protection
  • Excellent value
 Powerful anti-spyware technology guards your personal information and privacy against spyware, rootkits and other malicious software. Trend Micro Antivirus 2010 covers the basics, providing antivirus, antispyware, antiphishing, antispam, two-way firewall, and, unlike other Internet Security suites, includes parental controls

3. Norton Antivirus 2010 (review date: 09.10.2009)


Norton AntiVirus 2010 provides fast, responsive defense against all types of malicious software. The new Norton Protection System employs a multilayered set of security technologies that work in concert to detect, identify, and block attacks.

Advance feature:
  • Advanced antivirus with anti-spyware
  • Best proactive protection
  • Rapid pulse updates every 5 to 15 minutes
  • Rootkit detection, two way firewall
  • Defends against Web-based attacks
  • Automatic Virus Pattern Updates 
New Norton Internet Worm Protection blocks certain more sophisticated worms (such as Blaster and Sasser) before they enter your computer. A good product for keeping your computer safe from viruses. All regular telephone technical support calls are free.

4. Panda Antivirus Pro 2010 (review date: 11.06.2009)


Panda Antivirus features a new ultraFast scan engine, 30% faster than its predecessors, Panda's exclusive SmartClean technology. In a nutshell, a good antivirus solution for Windows, that keeps your computer protected from any Internet threats.

Advance features:
  • Automatically eliminates viruses
  • Anti-Malware Engine
  • On-demand scanning
  • Smart auto-configuration
  • Automatic Virus Pattern Updates 
Panda 2010 products offer a better customer experience than before, thanks to the new registration process and the new user interface.

The Web filter lets you browse safely without the risk of infections, vulnerabilities exploits or phishing websites. The scanning features have been sped up and the new interface is a clean and modern take on a time-tested product.

 5. ZoneAlarm Anti-virus 2010 (review date: 10.10.2009)


New engine delivers the best virus protection with significantly enhanced detection and removal capabilities. A configuration wizard leads you through setup, making it easy for everyday users to secure their systems fast.

Advance features:
  • Compatible with Windows 7
  • Advanced antivirus, spyware removal protection
  • On demand scanner interface
  • Simple to install and run
  • Advanced virus removal technology 
Not certified by any of the three major independent testing labs (Virus Bulletic, Checkmark, or ICSA).
Unlike other antivirus products, Auto-Learn from Check Point is a system that automatically configures security settings based on a user's unique computer environment and behavior, making the initial set-up virtually silent.

6. ESET NOD32 Antivirus (review date: 08.08.2009)


ESET NOD32 Antivirus proactively detects and disables viruses, trojans, worms, adware, spyware, phishing, rootkits. It includes advanced archive scanning, access control for removable media.

Advance features:
  • Uses a combination of filtration methods
  • Identifies known and unknown threats
  • System restore
ESET typically uses only 35-40MB of system memory, a fraction of what other products consume. Laptop users will welcome the new automatic energy-conserving battery mode. ESET NOD32 Antivirus is supported by Windows XP 32-bit, Windows Vista 32-bit, Windows 2000.

7. Kaspersky Anti-Virus 2010 (review date: 09.11.2009)

 Kaspersky Anti-Virus protects your computer against known and unknown threats, and against unwanted data. Besides, it monitors system activities by user applications, preventing any dangerous actions by applications.

Advance features:

  • Heuristic analyzer
  • Self-protection from malware
  • Free Trial
  • Scans files and Internet traffic
  • Updates automatically 
Please note that Kaspersky Anti-Virus 2010 requires Windows XP and Windows Vista. Free technical support and one year subscription to anti-malware updates.

Now you can decided what antivirus software who match while using at your computer.
For detailed information and other review, you can go to All-internet-security.com site.

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