9 Nov 2009

How to Advertise Your Website - 5 Tips For Google AdWords

Have you got a website and want more traffic? You want to advertise but don't how? Probably the easiest way how to advertise your website is with Google AdWords. Having ads on the first page of the Google search results for specific keywords will give you a heap of traffic. Here are 5 tips which will help you get started.
Tip 1- Signing Up
First thing to do is visit Google AdWords and sign up, to find it just type in "AdWords" in Google. Upon signing up they ask you to create a campaign, so type in your website address or if you don't have one yet just any web address will be fine. After that enter a few keywords and then select the lowest possible bid for the keywords and daily budget so that you won't have any ads displayed as of yet. You can create a legit campaign later on when your ready.
Tip 2 - Play Around
I suggest that before creating a serious campaign that you fiddle around and look at all the different things Google AdWords has to offer. At first it might seem a bit complex but you don't want to rush in when learning how to advertise your website or you might blow your budget.
Tip 3 - Specific
When selecting keywords for your campaign do not select broad keywords like "fishing", you want to be selecting keywords more like "review of best fishing boats". To help you find keywords go to "tools" in AdWords and go to the "keyword tool".
Tip 4 - Relevant
If you want low bid prices your keywords must be relevant to the web page that you are sending people to other wise Google will make you pay a fortune and then it just wouldn't be worth it for you. So if your keyword is "review of best fishing boats" then make sure that you have a web page highly relevant to that.
Tip 5 - Learn More Lose Less
It takes a lot of practice to learn how to advertise your website effectively, and can not be explained in a few articles that you have read. Your better off spending a bit more money to learn how to advertise your website properly, rather than losing hundreds of dollars doing it poorly.
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