14 Nov 2009

The Most Best Internet Browser

I am just share to everybody about the most best internet browser who works on Windows platform. If list of my review there is not your chooser, please gift me your comment about what is your use at your computer.

1. Google Chrome 4.0 beta version.

Google Chrome has released 4.0 beta version. This beta version now fully compatible with Windows 7.

As the mention on official chrome blog notes that can keep your Google Chrome bookmarks synchronized and up-to-date across the multiple computers you use, without needing to manually recreate your bookmarks every time you use a different computer.

With Bookmark Sync, if you make any changes to your bookmarks on any of the synced PCs, the changes will appear on all synched machines in a few seconds.

Get Chrome 4 beta version, or Chrome 3 standalone installer.
1. intowindows site
2. The official chrome blog

2. Mozilla Firefox 3.6 Beta (version 2).

Firefox 3.6 Beta (version 2) has been released at this November 2009. This version claim faster and more responsive than previous versions, and has been optimized to run on small device operating systems such as Windows CE and Maemo. Also more than 190 bug fixes from the last beta to improve performance, stability, security and features. Available in more than 45 languages.

Users can change their browser's appearance with a single click, with built in support for Personas and alert about out of date plugins to keep safe.

For detailed information, you can check on the website or you get Firefox 3.6 Beta (version 2) or Firefox 3.5 stable version. Happy 5th years birthday to Firefox, keep good work.
Source: Mozilla Firefox website

3. Apple Safari 4.

Safari renders web pages at lightning speed, works on the iPhone, iPod touch, Mac and PC. Also can shows your favorite sites at a glance. And it’s so smart, it even checks your spelling and grammar.

For more details about this browser, you can check on apple website. Safari 4 now.
Source: Apple.com

4. Opera 10.

Opera is a fast and secure Web browser from the most innovative browser company. Now Opera released version 10.10 beta to test new feature, Opera Unite. Opera Unite allows you to download and run Web applications and to share content with others in a quick and easy way.

For more detailed about this features, you can go to Opera website and get download the latest version. 
Source: Opera website

 5. Internet Explorer 8.

Microsoft's current standard is Internet Explorer 8. This browser outperforms its ancestors with tighter security, private browsing and a clean look and is “TopTenREVIEWS Bronze Award” Internet browser.
Internet Explorer 8 features extensive parental controls that can be customized to fit each individual in a family. If you have small children and protection is a priority, look no further, this is the browser for your home computer.
Internet Explorer is a good browser with great features. Additional features in version 8 make it even better and definitely worth your consideration.
Internet Explorer 8 Standout Features:
~ Compatibility View to correct display problems
~ Grouped Tabs
~ Web Slices
~ InPrivate Browsing
For more detailed about this, you can see Microsoft website and download.
1. TopTenreviews website 
2. Microsoft website

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