9 Nov 2009

What Are Google AdSense Keywords?

One thing that people get confused with is the Google AdWords program and the Google AdSense program. This can be confusing because people are looking for Google AdSense keywords to build their websites around.
In reality Google AdWords is a pay per click advertising program that you bid on targeted keyword phrases. This allows you to rank highly on the largest search engine for the campaign you put together.
Google AdSense is an affiliate program that pays you when people click on ads based on a script you place on a web page. Google pays out millions of dollars every month in Google AdSense affiliate commissions and you can get your share if you do it properly.
You are not necessarily targeting key words for Google AdSense, but rather you are including them in your meta tags on the web page that you build your website for. The same thing is true for your blog page when you do blog articles based on targeted keyword phrases.
You include these keywords in the title and in the body of your article. Google brings up advertisers for the Google AdSense program based on these targeted keyword phrases. This can sound confusing but in reality it's not. Google offers excellent tutorials on how to integrate AdSense into your business. They also take care of all of the advertising for you. Your job is to build quality content websites and blogs and drive traffic to them. In that way Google AdSense keywords can be beneficial to you.

Bill Bettler
Money On Command
Bill Bettler has been in sales and marketing for over 13 years. He currently makes a Full Time Living as Owner of Money On Command, an Internet Marketing and Direct Sales Company. He brings a fresh and innovative approach that's based on the principle of "Attraction Based Marketing". Born and raised in New York, Bill was previously co-owner of a Mortgage Lending company. Visit At:

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